District Industries Centre (DIC)


The District Industries Centre (DIC) Ganderbal came into existence in the year 2007 as a result of which the office of the District Industries Centre Ganderbal stood head quartered at Industrial Estate Duderhama. The aim of DIC is to attract substantial investment in Industry for production of goods and services and employment generation through optimal utilization of the available resources including human resources.


To achieve sustainable, equitable, environment friendly and balanced industrial growth leading to creation of employment and generation of income.


To promote and develop Micro, Small, Medium and large Industries in the District in order to contribute to the gross state domestic product (GSDP).


  1. Industrial development with focus on employment generation and wealth creation.
  2. To promote labour intensive industry.
  3. To encourage utilization of local available raw material.
  4. To promote growth of thrush industries and encourage high tech and knowledge waste industry.
  5. To promote human resource development for creation of skilled labour forces.
  6. To encourage eco- friendly at and environmental friendly industrial growth.


  1. Creation of land bank for development of industrial estates.
  2. Providing improved infrastructure and supports services.
  3. Ease of Doing Business through simplification of procedures and rules.
  4. Enabling manufacture of quality, consistent products through brand promotion, modernization and quality certification.
  5. Environmental protection to confirm to the state and the national standards by setting up of green industries.

The State Industrial policy 2016 shall remain in operation for ten years till 31st of March 2026 with the aim to build on the strengths, overcome the weaknesses and create employment opportunities for bigger and larger investment.

The State of J & K has more than 53 industrial estates in the state about 29 new industrial estates are at different stages of development.

In District Ganderbal, there is only one industrial estate at Duderhama which has been established in 1968, the details of which are given here under at Annexure “A”.

The year wise incentives paid to various industrial units since inception of DIC Ganderbal from the financial year 2010-11 to financial year 2018-19 is provided at Annexure B (PDF 500 KB) .

Since District Industries Centre Ganderbal is one of the implementing agencies in respect of Prime Ministers Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP), the progress achieved there under as on December 2018 is depicted at Annexure C (PDF 500 KB) .

The year wise information regarding the units registered permanently (EM-II) since inception of DIC Ganderbal is shown at Annexure D (PDF 400 KB) .

The information in respect of provisionally and formally registered units (EM-I & EM-II) for financial year 2018-19 is provided at Annexure E (PDF 550 KB) .

Similarly, the product wise information regarding the provisionally and formally registered units (EM-1 & EM-2) as on December 2018 is shown in Annexure F (PDF 300 KB) and Annexure G (PDF 250 KB) , respectively.

The District Industries Centre Ganderbal sponsors the cases of provisionally registered units to various financial agencies/ banks for providing of credit to the proposed entrepreneurs for establishment of their income generating units. In this regard the performance of District Industries Centre Ganderbal in provided at Annexure H (PDF 250 KB) .