Social Welfare

The role of Social Welfare Department is providing Economic, Social, and Educational upliftment of Social Caste and other Backward Communities. Following are some of the activities undertaken by Social Welfare Department.

  1. Providing scholarship to the deserving students belonging to SC/ OBC / Physically Handicapped / Minority categories for their educational upliftment.
  2. Providing Social Security and Financial Assistance to Orphans, Widows, Destitute ladies Old age persons and Physically Handicapped persons through various schemes /Programme run by the Department.
  3. Provision of Training, rehabilitation services for economically, socially vulnerable group such as disabled, poor, women and children in distress for ensuring their dignified life.
  4. Mobilising Community resources for meeting the social need and solving the local problems in rural areas.
  5. Encouraging Non Govt. Voluntary Organisations/ Social activist to work for the welfare of Women/ Children /Old age/Physically Challenged people by providing financial assistance to them.
  6. Providing residential facilities to the students belonging to under-privileged classes.

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The Scholarship Schemes and guidelines are available on Social Welfare Department Website via link ( Scholarship Schemes and Guidelines)