Education gives us wings to fly.

Education is the most crucial input for empowering people with skill and knowledge and gives them access to Productive Employment in future besides raising the literacy level of the people.

Keeping in view the enormous values of education, the access to reduction is now a fundamental right in the context of present social and cultural environment. Importance of Education, in our State is imparting free education from kinder Garden to the University Level. Considerable progress has been made in dispersing the schooling facilities throughout the state especially in the Rural Area. Education can be helpful in the poverty alleviation of the individual and society as well. Sarva Shikha Abhiyan has significantly contributed towards the objective. Sufficient amount is being spent by the government for raising the necessary infrastructure. The involvement has gone up to a considerable extent in District Ganderbal

Literacy Rate (%)
Year Male Female Total
2017-18 70.74% 47.62% 59.98%