Power Development

The Power Transmission and Distribution Sector of J&K State is looked after by Power Development Department which is one of the department of J&K Government. This sector has seen significant growth since its formation. The Power Development Department (PDD) of Government of J&K was earlier responsible for generation, transmission & distribution of electricity in the State of J&K. Subsequently, the Power Development Corporation (JKPDC), a fully owned Government Company, was established in the year 1995, when the operation and maintenance of existing generating stations and setting up of future generating stations were entrusted to this corporation except one small hydel power station of 4 MW and few very small diesel stations totalling 24.92 MW still remain with PDD, besides the Transmission and Distribution Sector. The Department is meeting the Power requirement of the state through :

  • Its own generation which is mostly from DG sets.
  • Purchase from generation of the powerhouses being operated by the State Power Development Corporation.
  • Power purchased from Central Public Sector Undertakings.
  • Purchases from other sources including Overdrawals under UI (Unscheduled Interchanges). These overdrawals usually take place in winter because of very low availability.