Department of Revenue

Revenue Administration-Its function

  1. Custodian of Land Records
  2. Custodian of State, Kahcharai and Shamilat Lands
  3. Maintenance of various documents and their regular updations
  4. Implementation of various laws, policies and acts
  5. Survey and Settlement

Land Records Maintenance

Maintenance, preservation and updations of land record are done in accordance with Revenue Acts of the Jammu and Kashmir State. These acts are guiding factor for making new records at the time of new Settlement. In the present structure, Revenue Department maintains the following necessary and major type of documents:

  • Record of Rights(RoR)
  • Jamabandi
  • Girdawari
  • Mutation Register (Intikal)

The brief introduction to these documents is given below;

Record of Rights

The records prepared at the time of settlement operations in an estate or village is called Record of Rights.(Misalhaquat).It contains the details of persons who are land holders, tenants or assignees of Land revenue, rates, cesses or other payments due from such persons. It also contains genealogical tree (Shajranasb), map of estate, village etc. This is the most important record so far as the evidential value is concerned.


It is the amended edition of the Record of Rights and actually that part of ROR which gives the list of land holders and tenancy holders with details of fields, rents paid by each tenant and land revenue paid by each land holder. It is prepared after every four years and is called annual record or Jamabandi Chaharsala.


Known as harvest inspection is conducted twice in a year for Kharief and Rabi crops. It is carried out by the Patwaris after spot inspection of each field for recording the condition of the standing crop including kharaba.

Mutation Register

It is printed register with Patwari, separately maintained for each village consisting of normally 100 leaves. Each leaf has a foil and counterfoil and is duly numbered. The title page depicts the name of village, Tehsil, District and date of issue etc. The foil is known as “Parat –Sarkar” and counterfoil as “Parat-Patwar”. The parat-Patwar has to be entered by the Patwari as per the existing entries of the Jamabandi and Parat- Sarkar are made as per the orders passed by the Revenue officers on mutations. There are as many as twenty five categories of mutations and before writing up of Jamabandi of any village or mauza, all changes which have taken place in record since the previous Jamabandi, are updated through the orders passed on mutation

Institutionalization of Office of Patwari