Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs

The Department of Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Kashmir earlier called Food Control Department has been established in the year 1930 and is playing a pivotal role by ensuring availability of food grains to the targeted population of 56.88 Lakh Souls in the division as per Census 2001, excluding Marwa/Warwan areas under TPDS through a network of 2004 (Two Thousand and Four) Government Sale centers and 1162 (One Thousand One Hundred and Sixty Two) Fair Price Shops established for the purpose. The Department is benefiting the poorest of the poor identified families under the Antodoya Anna Yojna (AAY) and other families living below poverty line, on the basis of allotted allocation under AAY & BPL categories. The Department also regulates and monitors the availability of essential commodities on the rates fixed by it. Besides, providing food security to the masses, the department also exercises control in curbing the menace of black marketing, profiteering, hoarding, etc by conducting regular market checks facilitating consumers to purchase essential commodities at prescribed/affordable rates. The rates of essential commodities are being periodically fixed and reviewed by the Department. The defaulters are duly penalized and appropriate action is taken against them under the provisions of Essential Commodities Act, 1955 and other orders governing the subject which includes lodging of FIRS and recovery of fine from them thus benefiting the State exchequer also. The Department also provides employment opportunities to the educated unemployed youth of the division by issuing licences for Fair Price Shops/Retail K.Oil outlets/Wholesale/Retail Mutton and Shalli Husking Mills are issued as per prescribed guidelines, enabling them to earn their livelihood which results in improving their standard of living. The consumers of the area are also benefitted by establishment of these outlets enabling them in fetching the food grains/other essential commodities at their door steps periodically in a time bound manner.