District Profile

Jammu and Kashmir is an agro- based state and agriculture is the means of support of its economy. Agriculture sector plays a crucial role in the economic development of state as well as the District. It is in this essence that Agricultural Development is receiving added attention in the Developmental Plans of the District by giving high priority to this labour intensive and traditional pursuit. This chapter presents detailed information related to area under different crops, fertilizer off-take, Crops Calendar improved seed distribution, area under high yielding varieties and Agriculture network available in the District.

General Information
S.No Description Unit Magnitude
1 Geographical Areas Sq. Kms 1045 (Provisional)
2 Area according to Village Papers Hectares 39304
3 Area under Forest Hectares 37901
4 Land put to Non- Agriculture Use Hectares 5758
5 Barren and un-cultivable Land Hectares 3161
6 Permanent pasture to other grazing land Hectares 1790
7 Land under Miscellaneous crop not included sown Hectares 1378
8 Cultivable Waste Land Hectares 2478
9 Fallow Land other than current fallow Hectares 3901
10 Current Fallow Hectares 5900
11 Net area sown Hectares 13799
12 Total Population (2011 Census) Souls 316769*
13 Urban Population (2011 Census) Souls 47039
14 Rural Population (2011 Census) Souls 269730
15 Schedule Tribe Population (2011 Census) Souls 61070
16 Schedule Caste Population (2011 Census) Souls 117
17 House holds No. 45361
18 Total number of Villages (Census 2011) No. 115
19 No. of Tehsils No. 06
20 No. CD Blocks No. 07
21 No. of Panchayat Halqas No. 112