Sheep Establishment

District HQ Staff        
S.No. Name of the Employee  Designation Location where posted  Technical/Ministerial  Phone No. 
1 Dr. Javaid Ahmad Baba  District Officer  Mini Secretariat Ganderbal  DDO  9419424765
2 Dr. Nousheen Qadri Vety. Assistant Surgeon Mini Secretariat Ganderbal  VAS/
Technical Officer  DHQ
3 Dr. Saleem Rizwan Quershi Vety. Assistant Surgeon On Deputation to Civil Secretariat  Veterinary Assistant Surgeon  9797700123
4 Dr. Nazia Maqbool  Vety. Assistant Surgeon  DHQ Ganderbal Gandebal Vety. Asstt. Surgeon  7889424610
5 Dr. Batool Azad Vety. Assistant Surgeon District Lab Haripora Haripora Vety. Asstt. Surgeon  9541242414
6 Mr. Nisar Ahmad Tantary ASM Mini Secretariat Ganderbal  Technical Asisstant 9149500047
7 Mr. Ali Mohammad Sheikh I/C Flock Supervisor Mini Secretariat Ganderbal  Technical/Store Keeper DHQ 9682388901
8 Arif Ahmad Baba  Stock Assistant Deputed to training class  Nowshera Sgr for Stock Assistant  training Technical  6005772529
9 Mukesh Kumnar  Stock Assistant Deputed to training class  Nowshera Sgr for Stock Assistant training Technical  6006063250
10 Mr. Sajad Ahmad Quadri Head Assistant Mini Secretariat Ganderbal  Ministerial 7006824060
11 Mr. Feroz Ahmad Sofi Accounts Assistant Mini Secretariat Ganderbal  Ministerial 7889441028
12 Mr. Mehraj Din Dar Jr. Assistant Mini Secretariat Ganderbal  Ministerial 9149637307
13 Mr. Showkat Ahmad Ahanger Driver Mini Secretariat Ganderbal  Ministerial 9906443849
14 Mr. Ishtiyaq Ahmad Magray Driver Mini Secretariat Ganderbal  Ministerial 7006551785
15 Mr. Rafiq Ahmad Rajput ASM/(Orderly) Mini Secretariat Ganderbal  Ministerial 9149645474

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Block Wise Staff

Office of  The   District Sheep Husbandry Officer Ganderbal
Block Wise Staff        
S.No. Block Name of the Employee  Designation Location where posted  Technical/ Ministerial  Phone No. 
1 Block Tulmulla Dr. Rafia Maqbool Vety. Asstt. Surgeon
Sheep Dev. Block Tumulla
Tulmulla Vety. Asstt. Surgeon  9419055539
2 Block Tulmulla Mr. Bashir Ahmad Dar Flock Inspector  Tumulla Technical 7006658121
3 Block Tulmulla Mr. Sheikh Owais Assistant Stockman Tumulla Technical 9622909018
4 Block Tulmulla Mr. Tariq Ahmad Khan  Flock Supervisor I/C S.E.C Patishalibugh Add. Charge FAC Wakura Technical 8899991434
5 Block Tulmulla Mr. Rajiv Kumar Assistant Stockman S.E.C Patishalibugh Technical 9622190855
6 Block Tulmulla Mr. Javaid Ahmad Dar Assistant Stockman F.A.C I/C Hatbura Technical 7006453360
7 Block Tulmulla Mr. Irshad Ahmad Mir I/C Stock Assistant I/C S.E.C Hakimgund Technical 6006111265
8 Block Tulmulla Mr. Abdul Ahad Bhat Assistant Stockman S.E.C Hakimgund Technical 8491006687
9  Block Gratbal Dr. Shahid Ahmad Sheikh Vety. Asstt. Surgeon 
Sheep Dev. Block Gratbal
Gratbal Safapora Vety. Asstt. Surgeon  9622616129
10  Block Gratbal Mr. Altaf Hussain Zargar Flock Inspector  Gratbal Safapora Technical 6006523337
11  Block Gratbal Mr. Tawsif Ahmad Mir Assistant Stockman Gratbal Safapora Technical 8899089247
12  Block Gratbal Mr. Mohammad Aslam Bhat Flock Supervisor I/CS.E.C Zazana Technical 7006255618
13  Block Gratbal Mr. Ab. Ahad Tantray Assistant Stockman S.E.C Zazana Technical 9149402328
14  Block Gratbal Mr. Ishfaq Qadir  Assistant Stockman F.A.C Wakura Technical 8713838410
15  Block Gratbal Mr. Sheikh Mohammad Qasim Assistant Stockman S.E.C Baroosa Techinical 7889326032
16 Block Lar Mr.Khurshid Ahmad Wani Flock Inspector  Sheep Dev. Block Lar Lar Technical 7006431015
17 Block Lar Mr. Bashir Ahmad Bhat I/C Flock Superviusor I/C F.A.C Lar Add. Charge S.E.C Waliwar Technical 9596324993
18 Block Lar Mr. Gh. Mohammad Bhat Assistant Stockman F.A.C Lar Technical 95412704398
19 Block Lar Mr. Nazir Aghmad Magloo Assistant Stockman F.A.C Lar Technical 9697745715
20 Block Lar Mr. Riyaz Ahmad Shah Flock Inspector  SEC Watlar Add. Charge FAC Repora  Technical 9469110575
21 Block Lar Mr. Ishfaq Ahmad Rather Assistant Stockman S.E.C Watlar Technical 9596465046
22 Block Lar Mr. Mehraj u din Shah Helper FAC Repora Helper 9596051680
23 Block Shuhama Dr. Tuffail Hussain Mattoo Vety. Assistant Surgeon Sheep Dev. Block Shuhama Shuhama Vety. Asstt. Surgeon  9796365101
24 Block Shuhama Mr. Gurmeet Singh Flock Inspector S.E.C Khulmulla Technical 7006354108
25 Block Shuhama Mr. Bilal Ahmad Khan Flock Inspector S.E.C Malshahibagh Technical 7006566387
26 Block Shuhama Mr. Zahid Alam Khan Assistant Stockman S.E.C Shuhama Technical 8493888979
27 Block Shuhama Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Wani (1) Assistant Stockman S.E.C Shuhama Technical 9596762639
28 Block Shuhama Mr. Fayaz Ahmad Dar Assistant Stockman S.E.C Khulmulla Technical 9797739024
29 Block Shuhama Mr. Siraj-u-din Khan Assistant Stockman S.E. C Mashahibagh Technical 9419906013
30 Block Nunnar Dr. Sehrish Shafiq Vety. Assistant Surgeon Sheep Dev. Block Nunnar Nunnar Vety. Asstt. Surgeon  7006657255
31 Block Nunnar Mr. Yasseen Maqbool wagay Assistant Stockman I/C S.E.C Nunnar add. Charge S.E.C Gutlibagh Technical 7780925407
32 Block Nunnar Mr. Shakeel Ahmad Shah Assistant Stockman S.E.C Nunnar Technical 7006252445
33 Block Nunnar Mr. Mohammad Ayoub Khan Assistant Stockman S.E.C Nunnar Technical 9419589881
34 Block Nunnar Mr. Manzoor Ahmad Sofi Assistant Stockman S.E.C Gutlibagh Technical 9906950688
35 Block Nunnar Mr. Wilayat Ahmad Khan Assistant Stockman F.A.C Saloora Technical 9906581382
36 Block Haripora Dr. Fiza Farooq Bhat Vety. Assistant Surgeon Sheep Dev. Block Haripora Haripora Add. Charge Sheep Dev. Block Lar Vety. Assistant Surgeon 7006949178
37 Block Haripora Mr. Rafiq Ahmad Mir Flock Supervisor I/C S.E.C Haripora Technical 9797742299
38 Block Haripora Mr. Ab. Rashid Rather Assistant Stockman S.E.C Haripora Technical 9906747490
39 Block Haripora Mr. Ab. Aziz Jogal Assistant Stockman Chowkidar Haripora Campus  Chowkidar 9541095470
40 Block Haripora Mr. Jahangir Ahmad Bhat Stock Assistant I/C S.,E.C Anderwan Technical 7889731364
41 Block Haripora Mr. Mir Ahmad Khan Assistant Stockman S.E.C Anderwan Technical 9622551396
42 Block Haripora Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Wagay Assistant Stockman I/C S.E.C Chuttergul Add. Charge F.A.C Wussan Technical 8899909805
43 Block Haripora Mr. Ali Mohammad Ganie Assistant Stockman S.EC Chuttergul  Technical 7780834359
44 Block Haripora Mr. Mohammad Hanief Bijard Assistant Stockman F.A.C Wussan Technical 9541717376
45 Block Kangan Dr. Asima Hameed Vety. Assistant Surgeon Sheep Dev. Block Kangan Kanagan Add. Charge SDB Narranag Vety. Asstt. Surgeon  70065647392
46 Block Kangan Miss Safiya Bano Stock Assistant SDB, Kangan Technical 9596565778
47 Block Kangan Mr. Noor-u-din Khatana Assistant Stockman SDB, Kangan Night Chowkidar 9541737521
48 Block Kangan Mr. Sajad Ahmad Magray Assistant Stockman SDB, Kangan Technical 9469343086
49 Block Kangan Mr. Ab. Rahim Magray Flock Supervisor I/C S.E.C Cherwan Add. Charge SEC Hayan Technical 9622258152
50 Block Kangan Mr. Reyaz Ahmad Bijran Assistant Stockman S.E.C Cherwan Technical 9596033900
51 Block Kangan Mr.  Ab. Latif  Lone Assistant Stockman S.E.C Hayan Technical 9622777661
52 Block Kangan Mr. Mohammad Sharief Bijran Assistant Stockman S.E.C Barunbugh Add. Charge S.E.C Akhal  Technical 8825035473
53 Block Kangan Mr. Mohammad Muzamil kalus Assistant Stockman S.E.C Buranbugh Technical 9596044900
54 Block Kangan Mr. Gh. Qadir Gunchoo Assistant Stockman S.E.C Buranbugh Technical 9469723219
55 Block Kangan Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim Khatana Assistant Stockman S.E.C Akhal Technical 9622680401
56 Block Kangan Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Lone Flock Supervisor S.E.C Narranag Add. Charge S.E.C Babanagri Technical 7051533685
57 Block Kangan Mr. Sajad Ahmad Dar Assistant Stockman S.E.C Narranag Technical 7006731151
58 Block Kangan Mr. Rafiq Ahmad Bijran Assistant Stockman S.E.C babanagri Technical 9797276883
59 Block Kangan Mr. Mohammad Abdullah Parray I/C Flock Supervisor I/C S.E.C Arigaripora Technical 9541562483
60 Block Kangan Mr. Noor Mohammad Mir Assistant Stockman S.E.C Arigaripora Technical 9541542962
61 Block Haknar Dr. Khalid Umer Bhat Vety. Assistant Surgeon Sheep Dev. Block Haknar Haknar Vety. Asstt. Surgeon  7042929959
62 Block Haknar Mr. Fayaz Ahmad Rather I/C Flock Supervisor I/C S.E.C Haknar Add. Charge S.E.C Rayil Technical 9622606219
63 Block Haknar Mr. Mohammad Shafi Khatana Assistant Stockman S.E.C Haknar Technical 9596478066
64 Block Haknar Mr. Gh. Nabi Akhoon Assistant Stockman S.E.C Rayil Technical 9622945202
65 Block Haknar Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Raina Assistant Stockman I/C S.E.C Ganiwan Technical 78898588191
66 Block Haknar Mr. Zubair Ahmad Khatana Assistant Stockman S.E.C Ganiwan Technical 9697324585
67 Block Haknar Mr. Altaf Ahmad Thekri Assistant Stockman Chowkidar high altitude lab. Sonamarg Chowkidar 9541129151
68 Block Haknar Mr. Mohammad Amin Malik Fieldman Watch and Ward Departmental land sonamarg Technical 7006052423



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